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geo.Logic Co., Ltd.

geo.Logic Lab, founded in 2014 by Yujin Sim is a Korean architectural design lab specializing in architecture, urban planning, interior and installation projects.

The name geo.Logic Lab stands for geometry + logic, referring to the design nature of the practice.


geo.Logic Lab understands the changing role of today’s architects.

The architecture emerges out of a careful analysis of how contemporary life constantly evolves and changes.

We are interested in helping clients with developing an insight into selection of location, solving its problems and creating potentials. This insight serves as a decision making tool for those responsible for the planning of business.

The architecture geo.Logic Lab propose results from continuous research and problem-solving approaches with its unknown outcome and enduring professional vision.

Yujin Sim  |   심 유 진



Yujin is a founder of geo.Logic Architectural Design Lab, and Assistant Professor of School of Architecture in Hanyang University.

 She graduated from Sookmyung University Bacheler of Art, and  received Master of Architecture at Pratt Institiute in Newyork. Her biggest architectural concern is how to combine new technology with the needs of clients. 







+ geo. Logic Architectural Design Lab (2013-Present) 

+ Hanyang University Assistant Professor

+ Hongik University Assistant Professor  

+ Heerim Architacts & Planners _ Seoul 

+ Morphosis Architects _ New York

+ Asymptote Architects _ New York





+ Pratt Institute



+Sookmyung Women's University 

   B. A   Architectural Design / Urban Design





CASETiFY the 1st flagship store_상업 (신사동) CASETiFY 더 현대 서울_POP-UP (여의도) BAS BURGER 정자점_상업 (정자동) 즐거운 분식_상업 (구의동) BIRD KOREA 충전소_FACTORY (광주시 / 경기도) SLOWCOASTER_상업​ (성수동) MA JOILIE BOUTEILLE_상업 (한남동) SNU 국악학원_상업 (서초동) ON THE MUIR_상업 (망원동) BIRD KOREA_오피스 (여의도)

금호 어울림 아파트_주거 (판교) OH MR RABBIT 더 현대 서울_상업 (여의도) BAS BURGER 문정역점_상업 (문정동) 옥수동 지오로직 윗집_주거 (옥수동) 여의도 이자카야 [Design]_상업 (여의도) TRIPLE A COFFEE+ 청라점_상업 (청라 / 인천) 오센트 3RD RENEWAL _상업 (한남동) TRIPLE A COFFEE+ 본사 / 프렌차이즈 브랜딩 및 메뉴얼디자인_상업 (역삼동) MIDNIGHT PHOTO STUDIO 도곡점_상업 (노곡동) BAS BURGER 성수점_상업 (성수동) ​중식당 정온 CHINESE RESTAURANT_상업 (하남시)

정릉집_주거 (정릉동) 유엄빠 유기견 동물 보호 센터_사회적기업 (태평동 / 성남) Abib Photo Studio_상업 석촌동) Oi studio Office_오피스 (성수동) S_SIL SHOWROOM FACADE_상업 (잠원동) NOONEE jewelry 현대백화점_상업 (삼성동) Oh, Scent! Office II _오피스  (한남동) ​락고재컬처 라운지[Design]_상업 (가희동) Onthe_muir flower studio_상업 (합정동) vivastudio Pre Office_상업 (성수동)   신림경희 한의원[Design]_병원 (신림동) MJ STUDIO OFFICE_오피스 (성수동) 146 빌딩 Remodeling_건축리모델링 (성수동) GOODHOOD STUDIO_상업 (성수동) geo.Logic Office_오피스 (옥수동) NOONEE jewelry Atelier_오피스,상업 (한남동) BAS BURGER 연남점_상업 (연남동) ​BAS BURGER 용산점_상업 (용산)

315 City Cafe (한남동)                                                vivastudio (합정동) overmars 2nd Shop (청담동)                                                             midnight Studio & Cafe (문정동) NOONEE jewelry Boutique 현대백화점 (천호동) effilage hair salon (역삼동) gran monster 사옥 (한남동) 북촌 한옥 Interior [Design] (한남동) 월곡동 APT Remodeling _ 주거 (월곡동) 자곡동 래미안 강남힐즈 APT Remodeling _ 주거 (자곡동) NOONEE jewelry Furniture (삼청동) S_S.IL 5주년 행사 Furniture (압구정) 정우물류 CEO ROOM (문정동) NOONEE jewelry 본점 Part Remodeling (한남동) 공덕 한화 꿈에그린 APT Remodeling _ 주거 (공덕) 한강 APT Furniture _주거 (잠원) vivastudio 10주년 행사 Furniture (자양동) Arita Hair (청담동) ETC SEOUL Showroom (신사동) abib Office (신천동) 연세리버빌 APT Remodeling _ 주거 (청담동) 자양동빌딩 Rental House 1,2 Remodeling _ 주거 (성수동)

3.15 City Cafe​ 포스코사거리점 (삼성동) 3.15 City Cafe 강남점 (역삼동) Artichoco 본점 (방배동) MSK Shop, Goodnight & Good Luck (통의동) Oh,Scent! Office I (한남동) Oh,Scent! Pop-Up Store 현대백화점 본점 (압구정) SH빌딩 주거 Remodeling _ 주거 (자양동) 42 cafe (방배동) Oh,Scent! Show Room Renewal (한남동) S_S.IL Show Room 현대백화점 무역센터점 (삼성동) ​the chichi (압구정)

99 Flower CEO Room (양재동) Cafe Coin (청운동) MSK SHOP (청운동) S_S.IL Office Show Room (잠원동) midnight Photo Studio (도곡동) TABLES COFFEE & BAKERY [Design] (춘천점)

STI:L CONVENTIONAL DESIGN (홍콩) TABLES COFFEE & BAKERY (용산) SNOSE Scent Cafe (청담동) STUDIO JUNE [Cooking Studio] (도곡동) Modern Chic house _ 주거 (청담동) Industrial house _ 주거 (백현동) JARI Chinese Restaurant (한남동) ​덕소 APT Remodeling (와부읍)

Maison De Parfum (신사동) Goodnight & Good Luck (신사동) Oh,Scent! Show Room (한남동) De SYNC (신사동) S_S.IL Pop-up Store 현대백화점 (삼성동) BOM'S HOUSE 신축/Interior _ 주거 (안성시) ​중부시장 COMPETITION_with aandd Architects (중구)

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